Let Go of the Old!

As the new year has begun I realized that it was time to let go of things that I’ve held onto. I have accumulated alot over the years and not wanting to be wasteful have kept things long beyond any use I had for them.

As I was going through my kitchen cupboards the other day I realized that I have packaged goods on my shelves with a Sell By/Best By date that were weeks, months, and in a few cases years past. Needless to say I am now in a process of clearing out things that are past their prime and in some cases could be dangerous if I would try to use them. When I finish cleaning everything out that has expired I will literally have had to throw away hundreds if not thousands of dollars of food and other material goods.

As I thought about this I felt the Lord talking to me about how many of us look at what we have and think we have an abundance, and in some cases an overabundance. But I strong feel that the Lord is saying that provision we have stockpiled in the past that we did not use in the last season need to be jettisoned. If we do not get rid of the outdated, past provisions they will have legal access to taking us out of the new season, the new territory He is bringing us into.

Just as manna only lasted for the day, or at most the day and the Sabbath, before it rotted so the provision we laid up in the last season will rot if we try to extend it into this new season. He has fresh, new, unlooked for provision that we need to be willing to receive for the new that we are heading into.

Do not condemn yourself for over purchasing that which was good, which you needed during the last season. Do not condemn yourself for not using what you had. But you do need to let it go. Don’t try to redeem it by “donating” it or selling it to anyone else, just toss it and move on.