What Should I Do With My Life?

People want quick and simple answers to the question “What should I do with my life?” When they ask that question they are generally looking for someone to pull a profession or destiny that best fits their ideas of what to do with the rest of their adult life. But for those of us who have lived more than a few handfuls of years, we’ve learned that life’s journey is more important than the title we label ourselves with.

While these thoughts are in no way definitive or complete, they are cornerstone to a life that accomplishes more than any title could ever say about ourselves:

Walk in Grace & Humor

Walk in grace & humor no matter where you find yourself. Individuals who bring joy and humor into situations, especially the darkest ones, are remembered with favor.

Give honor

Give honor even when it’s not due, especially to those who seem to have nothing to offer you.

Serve Others

Look for opportunities to serve others. When you find them serve with excellence, going beyond the expectations of those you are serving.

Serve Out of Love

Serve without expectation of reward, but out of love. I hope you will be doing something you love/something that makes your heart sing, but even if you aren’t, remember that what you are doing is for the One Who sings love songs over you.

Seek Wisdom

It is easy to seek your own way & what’s rightfully due you but alienating others will cost you not only your own promotions, but access to the very ones He’s fashioned you to impact. Take time before reacting to unrighteous acts done against you. Seek Wisdom for those battles before engaging in them.


God did not make you to be an arrogant diva, but He did make you to SHINE! Be who He’s created you to be without demanding your own way.

Receive From Others

Know that no matter how dark things are at any time, you have people who love you and are for you, even if they are the very ones giving you grief, getting into your face, or standing between you and something you think you want.  Others are in our lives by God’s design. Their involvement in our lives helps to bring about the destiny we have been created for.

Reach Out

Be ready for input from others and don’t hesitate to reach out to those you know love and care for you. They have comfort, wisdom, love, and talents that you need.