Redemption of Abandoned Wells

I see abandoned wells that have become overgrown with vines, branches, weeds, and other debris. These are hidden wells that have been lost, neglected, and forgotten about. The landscape around many of these wells may not even give any indication that they even exists.

The wells I am seeing are not ideologies or past movements, but people – God’s people – hidden, in backwater places, beaten down, rejected ones, those who have been in the trenches waiting to see God move for a long time with little to keep heart & vision going, losing their expectancy.

In my vision I felt that NOW is the time for the rediscovery, restoration, and rebuilding of wells.

In some cases the clearing away will come as the well/person steps up/forward and starts to reach up/out. Starting/attempting to clear away the debris themselves. As their light/hand arises others will see their need & come along side to help clear away the debris, set right, clean up, & help doing what is needed to restore and open up the wells.

In other cases Father is sending the “dowsers” out to hunt for “water” discovering wells that don’t even know they are deep hidden places of life.

The condition of the well is never to be judged by the discoverers as deserving shame, disgrace, or any other revilement due to its condition. The well may not even be aware of its condition.

What is important is that there are deep wells that have been kept hidden, reserved for this time. It is important to restore ALL found wells, because in the days ahead the life they have in them will be necessary for the provisioning of those coming into the things of God.

For any well that is found, please know that leaving it unrestored is not an option that the church can indulge in. Unmarked wells can be dangerous for the unsuspecting, trapping any who fall into them causing physical harm & even death. The untested waters of unrestored wells may be unhealthy and hazardous for consumption. This is why states will require that abandoned wells be marked, filled with concrete, and otherwise made unusable. So it is with these abandoned human wells.

God’s plan is one of restoration and redemption.